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Human / It’s All in the Streets

It Is All on the Streets, features a set of public installations as a reaction to what is happening on the ground.  Pause, Interruption, Grassroots, and Disintegration, are a set of short movies and digital installations, made to be viewed privately for one to be immersed in Beirut’s intensity, livelihood, informalities, richness and sufferings.  These installations, tailored to a human scale and anchored in the city as both art and architecture, reflect on the power of public interventions as urban catalytic tactics that engage with the people and challenge the citizens, pushing them to claim their rights to the city. Public installations are primarily about the collective. It is only with everyone's contribution that any production can happen. Said contributions vary from being on-the-ground work, participation or reception, or could be even financial. In this sense, these installations are the product of the streets. Every citizen becomes its author.