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This short movie is a simple glimpse of what took place on the streets of Beirut in 2019. The outcome of these uprisings could not be narrated in a few minutes. Being on the streets brought back life to the city.

To see people hand in hand, supporting each other, coming up with sustainable plans to save the city. Everyone was resisting a return to the past, a return to obsolete sectarian and political dynamics.

Through the humanitarian aspect people were looking for new ways to rebuild a city for all, injecting a new way of living together. This short movie aimed at narrating samples of what  we experienced, yet will never be enough to tell the story of the past two years.

Movie by Rana Haddad Footage and Photos credits: Pascal Hachem, Rana Haddad. References: Amnesty International. Lebanon Censorship and freedom of expression. https://rb.gy/c9q2ij Amnesty International. Authorities must protect peaceful protesters and respect their right to assemble. rb.gy/c9q2ij

Pulsing Grounds is an attempt to map the processes and acts behind Lebanon’s ongoing revolution. Computed based on a compilation of crowd-shared data, it aims to analyze the variety, intensity and scope of the collective actions that have charged the ground of Beirut since October 2019.  Through different layers of data mapping, the research composes a spatial and temporal narrative that retraces the momentum and hardship of the grass-root efforts. The narrative covers acts of one year and mentions different external factors that impacted the responses in terms of their frequency, type or location. The aim of the narrative is to offer a macro reading of the bottom-up actions in order to understand the underlying mechanisms and triggers of the pro-activeness and responsiveness of the grass-root efforts, and question their potential to scale, ripple and mature to long term systemic change.

Mappings by Joanne Hayek in collaboration with Balsam Madi
Production: Hussein Zaarour, Stephanie Achkar, Mahmoud Baghdadi, Hisham Ismail, Hawraa el Husseini
References: Daleel Thawra, Liveuamap, Emerge Beirut, the961, Megaphone News, Akhbar el Seha.