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Forum One – Centennial Ideologies & Ecosystems
Potential Futures for Lebanon

Date: June 10th 2021
Time: 12:00-2:00 pm EST, 7:00-9:00 pm Beirut Time
Registration link:

Free and open to the public. Virtual events hosted on Zoom Webinar do not require an account to attend, advanced registrations are encouraged.

On the Centennial year of Lebanon’s independence, this forum brings together advocates of diverse and polarizing opinions on geographies, territories, governance, citizenship, infrastructure, distribution of land, cities and architecture. We invite speakers to discuss different ways of living together and to explore potential futures as an alternative to the deadlock which has been present since the country’s inception in 1921.

Amale Andraos (GSAPP/ WORKAC)

Boulos Doueihy (Beirut Shifting Grounds/ Platau)

Carla Aramouny (Beirut Shifting Grounds/ American University of Beirut)

Charles Al Hayeck (Historian, Teacher, Consultant)

Rania Masri (Environmental & Political Activist, Lebanese American University)

Rony Lahoud (Public Corporation for Housing)

In conversation with

Maureen Abi Ghanem and Iyad Abou Gaida (GSAPP Collective for Beirut)